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Digital Frist Day

26 April 2023

Digital Ireland Network - Digital First Day

Connected Hubs Showcase Day

26 April 2023

What is it – Connected Hubs Showcase Day will take place on 26th April 2023 in support of the Government’s national campaign promoting Remote Work through funding under the Town & Village scheme.


On the day hubs across the Connected Hubs network will put on a display of the incredible variety and regional diversity of the national hub network promoting why their hub and locality are great places for remote workers.


Participating members of Connected Hubs will be supported through an upskilling programme which will provide them with insights on how their hub can maximise occupancy through digital, actionable insights on how their locality can up its game in competing for investment, remote workers, home buyers, shoppers and visitors through through their hub and the resources for a locally themed ‘Why <Locality>’ campaign. The impact of these individual campaigns will be supported by the mobilising power and reach of the Connected Hubs network.

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